Vitex fertility Fertilica Vitex (60 Vegetarian Caps)

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It is an herbal medication that effectively cures severe health issues in women, it has proven to be an absolute favourite with masses. Because of the growing fondness getting a box of genuine Valgan is a matter of concern.

We are a reputable firm working in the suburbs of Indian subcontinent with proper legalization and license that sells genuine boxes of Vitex at original prices. Purchase a box of happiness that is a one-time solution to all your fungal infections that will be rightly delivered at your doorstep.

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Product Description

Know your medicine

Vitex fertility tablets agnus-castus is a popular herbal supplement used to treat a variety of health problems.Vitex has the potential to affect hormone levels in a variety of ways. It’s been claimed, for example, that it increases progesterone levels through promoting the release of luteinizing hormone  Vitex is also considered to impact levels of prolactin, a hormone that helps women develop their breasts and produce milk.

Treat PMS and other menstrual problems with ease:

Vitex fertility tablets contains 100% organic whole vitex berries. The whole vitex berry provides the full spectrum of beneficial vitex compounds shown to support female fertility.

Extra Note:

Age: 18+years
Pregnancy: Not suitable
Breastfeeding: Not suitable

Trying it for the 1st time

Statistics show that most patients love this medication a lot more because of the very effectiveness of the medication.

The concept of menstrual issues and Vitex fertility tablets

The Vitex tablet agnus-castus fruit, also known as chasteberry or monk’s pepper, is about the size of a peppercorn.


When should I take vitex to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Doctors usually recommend taking 40 drops of a liquid, concentrated vitex extract or 35–40 mg of the corresponding dried, powdered vitex extract with some fluids once a day in the morning. To evaluate efficacy, Vitex should be used for at least three menstrual cycles.

Side Effects of  Vitex fertility Tablets


Vitex fertility tablets may cause bleeding between menstrual periods, dry mouth, hair loss, headache, itching, minor stomach disturbance, nausea, rapid heartbeat, and skin rash, among other things.

Health Advantages

Vitex has a long history of use as a cure for a variety of female ailments, including postpartum haemorrhage and “afterbirth passage.” The moniker “chaste tree” stems from a folk medicine idea that it can reduce libido.

You’ll find it in many health food stores and online. In addition, to chasteberry and chastetree, vitex may also be called monk’s pepper, lilac chastetree in health food stores.
Consult you doctor before taking it.


  • Take only one tablet in 24 hours
  • Take every pill at the same time
  • Take this pill regularly for effective usage
  • For better nervous system tolerability, take just before bedtime
  • Do not increase the dosage without prior consultation from the medical practitioner
  • Increase of dosage will further lead to more side effects and increased deterioration level

Side effects

Headaches, lightheadedness, chest pain, cough or hoarseness, Fever or chills, Joint pain, Weight loss, Rash, Passing gas, Itching and skin rash are some of the common side effects that most men suffer from.

Please go through the patient leaflet information enclosed with all your medicines for an entire list of medicines.

In case if you face any adverse side effects, you need to report to us immediately.


Vitex is an antiviral medicine that consists of 450mg of Valgan


Avoid having Vitex when suffering from

  • Advanced versions of seizures
  • Worsening headache
  • Confusion
  • Blindness
  • Severe vision issues
  • Using chemotherapy using docetaxel
  • Improper functioning of kidneys
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Pregnancy
  • Do not plan a pregnancy while your partner is on the medication
  • Consumption of alcohol

If any of the above conditions apply, you need to inform your prescriber that ingesting the magical pill shouldn’t create further complications.


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